Old Town walking tour


We always love our first impressions more.

The Old Town never tells anyone else′s secrets. But it always allows you to look through a window and see the ghostly silhouettes of those who did not coincide with you in time. In just 2-3 hours you will plunge into the glorious era of Kievan Rus, see the capital from the best panoramic observation decks.
Old Town private walking tour is for you if you want to discover:

• why is the Golden Gate so called?
• where did the Slavic Lands come from?
• what secrets does St. Sophia Cathedral keep?
• Why has there never been a bell tower on St. Andrew′s Church?
• why the monument to Vladimir was not first consecrated by the church?

Objects: Golden Gates, St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael′s Cathedral, St. Andrew′s Church, St. Andrew′s Descent, Artists′ Alley, Funicular, Vladimirskaya Gorka Park, Vladimir the Great Monument, new Klitschko pedestrian bridge

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